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PWEN Welcomes
Dr. Eric Thomas to the
10th Annual Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Experience!

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This is the MUST ATTEND event of 2022!

PWEN Programs


Carrie J. Gray Scholarship Program

PWEN believes education is vital to the future of our world. We see everyday in low income households where higher education is not easily achieved. It is easy for our low income students to get into college but then the expenses pile up and our future leaders find themselves dropping out at alarming rates. The Carrie J. Gray program provides mentorship, training, and financial support to help young ladies complete their collegiate journey.


Personal, Professional, & Spiritual Development Workshops & Events

Workshops and events in-person and online to increase the level of knowledge and expertise to sustain and thrive economically, in leadership, owning their power, and living their best lives now.


PWEN has a robust event based program providing varying degrees of personal and professional development trainings. From our Grow Your Business Bootcamp to our Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Experience. 


Next Level Empowerment & Development Academy (NLEAD)

The NLEAD Academy provides women Globally with the access to targeted adult training resources needed to overcome poverty, gender pay gaps, and inadequate affordable educational support. 


Become a Certified Life Coach (CLC) or earn a professional certificate in the areas of: Leadership Mastery, Customer Service Skills, Entrepreneurial Mastery & Business Management through our e-learning environment.


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Promotion of Entrepreneurial & Small Business Economic Growth

PWEN has developed a program to assist our PWEN Partners who are business owners in growing and expanding their wealth through intentional and targeted awareness and sales generation.

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Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Create your own economy with a home-based business PWEN is excited to offer career training to women and men who are looking for employment or a career change. Become a certified life coach or a travel agency owner.

Women Holding Hands

Join the Movement
Phenomenal Women
Breaking Barriers, Shattering the Status Quo, and Building Legacy

Let's Transform Communities Together!

PWEN is the collective power of women coming together across the globe to strengthen the economic status, leadership, and power of each other as we take our success to the next level.  We achieve next level success by empowering, encouraging, educating, equipping, and elevating women through our community collaborations, in-person training  events, our online NLEAD Academy, mentoring, coaching, and business opportunities.

PWEN is where leaders come to grow &
make an impact!

PWEN News 

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Dr. Eric Thomas is coming to the 2022 PWEE

PWEN is excited to bring world-renowned motivational speaker & author to the 10th Annual Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Experience. Secure your ticket today and join us May 13-15th!


PWEN Is Going to Greece

One of the things we love to do is travel and each year PWEN plans a group trip, in 2019 we went to Dubai, we were suppose to do Greece in 2020 but had to cancel due to the pandemic. In 2021 we went to Jamaica and in 2022 WE ARE GOING TO GREECE! This is an open group trip so you are invited. Please see the page for more details.


Congratulations to My Favorite Things Natural Care

PWEN is honored to present our January business of the month My Favorite Things Natural Care, providing all-natural products to help take care of your body from the outside in. You will find soaps, body butters, lotions, and more AND MFT is giving PWEN a 20% off coupon, just type PWEN at check-out!

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PWEN Congratulates  Our Newest CLC Graduate

PWEN is thrilled to introduce our newest certified life coach, Effie Clark who resides in Las Vegas, NV. Effie's commitment to push through the courses in less than three months was relentless and her excitement to start her coaching business is unmatched. Stay tuned for our interview with Effie on PWEN's YouTube station.

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PWEN Expands into Jamaica

PWEN is excited to expand into Jamaica by starting our first chapter on the island. We are expecting greatness to burst in PWEN Jamaica! 

Female Friends

"What's the Buzz"


I have to share, when I went to this event I had no idea what to expect, but it definitely wasn't what I received. This was the first time I walked into a room filled with beautiful, strong, intelligent women and felt nothing but LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. I left feeling like WOW.. I drove home with no music, mostly quiet because I had to process all that positive energy.

Truly, it was such a beautiful event. I am looking forward to the next event.” 


—  Abi B.