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Tell Me About PWEN...

PWEN's mission is to strengthen the economic status, leadership, and power of women as they take their success to the next level. A woman’s self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence are greatly enhanced as she learns her purpose, her various gifts, talents and abilities. Which in turn makes her a better mother, wife, parent, businesswoman, etc. Someone once said that our life reflects our attitudes and therefore having a new attitude will invariably create new results. Thus, it is our goal to help women develop new attitudes toward their circumstances and to help them rise above them.

Click on the video and listen to our Visionary Founder Sharise L. Erby-Castle as she shares more about the Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Network (PWEN)!

PWEN Affirmations of Belief

I AM a woman, a WOMAN fearfully, and wonderfully created.

I AM a woman of EXTRAORDINARY resources AND capacity to unconditionally support my fellow Sisters.

I AM a woman who BELIEVES in restoration and new beginnings.

I AM a woman who faces adversity as a WARRIOR standing on the firm foundation of my faith.

I AM a woman with a HEART of Servanthood.

I AM a woman who EMBRACES my flaws, CELEBRATES my value, worth, and ABILITY to shine bright.

I AM an ASTUTE business woman CREATING my own economy, IMPACTING my community, the GLOBAL stage, and establishing my LEGACY of great success.

I AM the NURTURING woman of the past, the COURAGEOUS woman of the right now, the FORWARD THINKING woman of the future.

                                                          ------I AM A PHENOM

PWEN's Programs

Next Level Empowerment & Development (NLEAD) Academy

Carrie J. Gray Scholarship & Award Program

Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world.

The NLEAD Academy provides women Globally with the access to targeted adult training resources needed to overcome poverty, gender pay gaps, and inadequate affordable educational support. In response to the unmet development needs of thousands of women PWEN offers robust, affordable, and relevant personal and professional development programs to help women reach their next level of success. Women were not created to be perfect but to be whole, when women are operating within their wholeness authentic sustainable success is achievable.  The aim of personal and professional development is to help women manage their own learning and growth throughout their professional and personal endeavors.


Become a Certified Life Coach (CLC) or earn a professional certificate in the areas of: Leadership Mastery, Customer Service Skills, Entrepreneurial Mastery & Business Management through our e-learning environment.


We have just one question....Does this sound like you? If so, enroll today!

PWEN believes education is vital to the future of our world. We see everyday in low income households where higher education is not easily achieved. It is easy for our low income students to get into college but then the expenses pile up and our future leaders find themselves dropping out at alarming rates. The Carrie J. Gray program provides financial support coupled with mentoring to help young ladies complete their collegiate journey.

Personal and Professional Development Events

Provides opportunities for growth and building of relationships to achieve next level success.


PWEN has a robust event based program providing varying degrees of personal and professional development trainings. From our Grow Your Business Bootcamp to our Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Experience. We look forward to returning to in-person events in 2022 but please connect with our dynamic online events. 


Career Training in Travel & Tourism

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Create your own economy with a home-based business

PWEN is excited to offer career training to women and men who are looking for employment or for a career change. We have access to Travel University and can help our participants start a full service travel agency.

PWEN Partnerships

Let's Leap Together!

PWEN's mission is to empower, encourage, educate, equip, and elevate women and young women through educational events, the Carrie J Gray Scholarship Program, and other mission related activities. None of this is possible without community partnerships and your donations.

As a PWEN Partner you can attend our workshops and seminars for FREE, you can share your personal story by being featured in our monthly newsletter, you will receive VIP recognition on upcoming PWEN empowerment travel trips, you will receive a listing in our newly created Women's Owned Business Directory, 100% of your partnership fee goes to support the Carrie J Gray Scholarship Program and the women in our communities . Finally, your partnership fee is tax deductible as PWEN is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 


To become a partner today please click the "Sign Up" button to pay your partnership fee and then we will follow up with a welcome email. We look forward to an amazing collaboration!

2020 Collegiate Scholarship Recipients

August 15, 2020

PWEN Congratulates J'Naya Johnson as our, 5th Carrie J Gray Scholarship recipient. Congratulations to our 2020 class of collegiate superstars, J'Naya Johnson (Freshman), Latisha Brown (Senior), Alyssa Williams (Senior)

"What's the Buzz"

PWEN News & Resources

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Confident Woman


“I’ve known Sharise for about fives years. I had the awesome opportunity to meet and work with her. She is a true example of a phenomenal woman. She is smart, articulate, attractive, poised, and has a business minded attitude. Sharise is a great leader and is so professional. She brought her team to Solon, Ohio to spearhead an education and training program for my team. She developed the curriculum and spearheaded the training. She made sure it was relevant and on point. She even laminated some training materials as job aides. She is no nonsense and doesn’t tolerate drama. She is a team player and doesn’t mind sharing information. She is very confident in her interactions with all levels of management. Sharise you are a phenomenal woman! .”.” 


—  Cathy J.

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