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 Phoenix Chapter

Unleashing the Power of Phenomenal Women

PWEN is proud to serve the women of Phoenix, Arizona, and beyond. Our organization was founded in this vibrant city, and we remain committed to empowering and uplifting the women who live here. Our Managing Empowerment Director, Yulanda Gilliam, CEO of Yazzy Girl Kreations and PBY Media, brings passion and expertise to her role, while our President/CEO Sharise L. Erby, MHA provides the leadership necessary to achieve our mission. We invite all women in the Phoenix area to join us on our journey of empowerment!


Join Us in Creating a Better Phoenix

At PWEN, we recognize that the gender pay gap is a persistent issue that affects women across the United States. In 2021, mothers earned just 61.7 cents on the dollar compared to working fathers, with mothers being paid less than fathers in every state. Race and ethnicity also play a significant role in exacerbating this problem, with Native mothers earning just 37.1 cents, Latina women earning 40 cents, Black moms earning 45.7 cents, White women earning 64.3 cents, and Asian and Pacific Islander women earning 75.7 cents for each dollar earned by fathers.


PWEN is committed to raising awareness about the challenges facing women in Arizona and advocating for change. With a 'C-' grade for women's employment and earnings, and a 'D+' for women's poverty and opportunity, there is much work to be done. We believe that all women deserve equal pay and equal opportunities, and we're dedicated to making that a reality in our state.

  • Our platform encourages women to expand their sphere of influence through our partner network, in-person and online events. We also offer specialized programs to help women become self-employed or grow their businesses. Our programs provide valuable resources such as mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities to help women succeed.

  • We are proud to offer the CJG Scholarship Program, which is specifically designed to support young women attending college. Our goal is to help these ladies complete their education and unlock their potential. We believe that education is the surest way out of poverty, and we are committed to ensuring that all women have access to this essential resource. Did you know that only 28.6% of women in Arizona have a bachelor's degree or higher? With your support, we can help increase this number and empower even more women to achieve their goals.

At PWEN we are committed to empowering women through impactful initiatives. We have been able to achieve our mission thanks to the support of our community partners, visionary leaders, and funding partners. As one of the fastest growing non-profits led by women of color, we are proud of the impact we make in our communities. Join us in our mission to strengthen the status of women in every aspect of their lives.

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