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Dear God, it’s me, Vicky

Do you ever question the things God has said to you? Have you ever wondered if you heard Him correctly or if you misinterpreted something? Have you ever felt incapable of being all that God said you are because it seemed too BIG? I know I have!

Sometimes when I think about the things that God has spoken over me and I consider how I’ve lived my life so far, I think “surely He meant someone else.” How could I ever be this great, worthy, and wise individual that He keeps declaring me to be? All I see are my mistakes, my messiness, my brokenness, and my faults. How can God see past all the dust, debris, smoke, and smog of my sin and iniquity to say such wonderful things about me? How can He continue to call me time and time again to be greater than my situations and circumstances? How can He be certain that I am who He says I am, and NOT who I have experienced myself to be? I know y’all know what I mean.

It’s during these periods of deep inquisition and contemplation that I’m most grateful for God’s word. It serves as a constant reminder that God first meets us wherever we are at, then He calls us to something very different than our present state, and then He transforms us.

A person that most inspires me from the Bible is Moses. He was a man who like many of us, was skeptical about his calling when he first encountered God. Moses had a stutter, had murdered a man, and was hiding in the wilderness because of his past transgressions when he first encountered God as a burning bush. It was during this time that God called Moses to be His prophet, go back to the place he’d run away from (Egypt), and deliver the Israelites out of Egypt.

Like many of us who have looked at our past and determined ourselves to be less than because of it, Moses couldn’t believe that God was calling him for such an honorable task and begged Him to choose someone else. But God’s word is final and Moses was His chosen. Though Moses didn’t see himself in his present life the way God did, he eventually obeyed God and in essence, allowed God to prove him wrong. The result of which is a story of miracles, signs, wonders, courage, heroism, and an exodus that we still talk about thousands of years later.

When I think about Moses’ story it encourages me because it shows me that even when I have all these doubts about myself, my abilities, and where my life can go, God’s word is final and I am His chosen.

What that means is that if we allow ourselves to surrender our will and obey God’s will instead, we give God the opportunity to prove us wrong. If we let Him, God can blow our minds just like Moses! Til’ next time, adieu.


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