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Don’t Quit!

A few days ago I was almost in a head-on collision. It was a little after 4am, and I was riding my electric bike on my way to work. The accident almost happened when I was at the bottom of a hill and a car was making a sharp left turn. On this day, I forgot to turn my lights on and didn’t have on a reflective vest, so the driver couldn’t see me until I braked hard. As result of my braking, there was about a foot and a half of space between my body and the car.

At first, I contemplated quitting everything. Quitting riding my bike and quitting California. I wanted to quit riding my bike because I thought about what if scenarios instead of seeing how Jesus saving me this time ensures that there won’t be a next time. I wanted to quit California because of the near death experience but I forgot that the fact that I’m still alive means that what the enemy meant for evil, Jesus worked it out for my good.

In 2nd Corinthians, Apostle Paul talks about godly sorrow. Godly sorrow is used to describe hard things that happen to us in our lives that cause us to reflect on decisions made and do what we can to make things right the next time around. Godly sorrow gives us a zeal and a clear understanding for what is needed out of us to be better and do better. I had to acknowledge that what happened was not just to me but was also partially my fault. I may have had on my helmet but forgetting to turn on my lights and failing to purchase and have on a reflective vest, left me wide open for a potential accident.

In prayer, I said that I wanted to do and be better, and sweet Jesus gave me the tools for freedom. When I first shared what had happened to me, the Lord laid it on one person’s heart to get me a reflective vest and on another person’s heart to help me put together a safer bike route so I won’t have to be on so many roads with cars. On my end, I continued to employ what I learned from my bike safety class and now a few days later, I’m healed much more toward wholeness. Had I quit everything, I would not be able to experience the joy of seeing Jesus show up for me and grow me even in this situation.

Sometimes we want to quit something because it brought us pain or it brought down our confidence level. Don’t Quit! Jesus is on the other side of that hurt waiting to heal you. Don’t Quit! Jesus is working on your behalf to raise you up and make you new from that old situation. He has overcome everything that could ever come against you! You just have to keep going. Keep charging past what attempted to break you. Adieu.


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