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Face Your Freedom

I know what you’re thinking: what do I mean by “Face Your Freedom?” What am I talking about? Well, I mean exactly what I’m saying which is face your freedom. Turn toward it and away from shackles. Turn toward it and away from generational curses and chains. Turn toward it and away from all the weights that bring you down and hold you back.

The Holy Spirit actually gave me this title while I was working at school. It was on a day when they didn’t need me to substitute any classes, so I ended up working on a yearbook project for the day instead. As part of the yearbook project, I was coming up with encouraging messages for the middle school, and one thought I had was “face your fears.”

Immediately after having this thought I denounced it and said why should anyone have to face fear when God declares it a spirit that He has not given us. I choose to face freedom because who the Son sets free is free indeed. And that’s when I heard the Holy Spirit say “exactly” and here we are now. How often have you heard or been told by someone to face your fears? How many times have you experienced that unwanted stress and anxiety? How often did you believe that if you didn’t face your fears, it meant you were a punk or a coward? I’ve definitely been there too.

Now I’m not saying that you’re supposed to stay overly cautious and soft. What I am saying is that we serve the mighty God who has overcome all things and will carry and eliminate the burden of our fears if we surrender them to Him. That fear of heights weighing you down? Turn it over to Jesus, our strong tower. That fear of inadequacy and missing out knocking the wind out of you? Turn it over to our Jehovah El Roi, the God who sees us and sees you in your moment of weakness. He never fails and He is always faithful.

One thing I’ve noticed about dealing with fear is that it is always spiritual. My fear of failure goes beyond existing from an experience I had in childhood. There’s darkness attached to it that now even though I’ve overcome the initiator experience of that fear, I still experience it. When matters are spiritual, our best bet is to surrender. Surrender means to cease resistance and to submit to a higher authority.

When we surrender to Jesus and submit to His authority, we allow His miracle working ways to overcome obstacles in our lives. I don’t know about you but I’m putting my trust in Him who has done exceedingly more than I could ask or think than in my own ideas of how to heal myself. Don’t face your fears. Face Jesus because when you face Him, you face your freedom. And then let Him face your fears. What have you got to lose? Til’ next time, adieu.


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