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His Goodness

Hey PWEN people!

I wanted to use this post to brag on God because He is so worthy and deserving to be praised. I recently moved from Tulsa Oklahoma to Los Angeles California, and the Lord had His hand in every part of my move. What started out as a whisper of a word, turned into a miraculous mission.

At the end of 2021 I was dealing with some heavy things. I had gone through another embarrassing manic episode and also struggling through the 1st anniversary of my mother’s passing. Needless to say, I was desperate for change going into the next year. In the beginning of this year 2022, I was looking for work and so uncertain of where the Lord wanted me to serve and commit myself. With the help of my family and tons of prayer, I put in applications to work as a substitute teacher at different schools in Tulsa. After maybe 50 applications, a school replied to me and requested an interview. Upon doing the interview, I was told that I got the job on the same day, and I started working there a week later.

The job was very hard for me and after a month and a half, I began to feel like I couldn’t hang in there anymore. That’s when I heard the whisper. The Holy Spirit had whispered to me that I was moving. I received this message immediately because I knew that my lease would be up in a few months. I had assumed that I was going to be simply moving to another apartment complex in Tulsa. The whisper then became more specific, “You’re moving to California.” Ya’ll I was floored by this revelation!

Moving from Oklahoma to California would be no easy feat so I needed to make sure I heard right. 20 confirmations later, I finally received that what I heard, did indeed come from the Holy Spirit, and I was moving to California. After that, I immediately started getting ready to sell my furniture. I staged photos and as soon as I posted my items, most things sold in the first two weeks but within a month, everything had sold out! When I was now putting together applications for work, the Lord had me focus my applications on my old work life: training and coaching.

Within a week I was hired for a full time job that was going to pay me more that the substitute teaching job. And finally with housing the Lord found me a reasonably priced space, one neighborhood over from where I now work. All of this happened to me in under two months! Let my life be an example. Jesus provides. Jesus is faithful. Jesus will do exactly what He says He will do. As for us, we just have to trust Him and do our part. Don’t be afraid to listen even if it’s a whisper. What started out as a whisper, swiftly changed my life. Til’ next time adieu.


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