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It’s About Heart Posture

Happy New Year!

It is my honor and privilege to be blogging, sharing, and speaking with you all in 2022. May the Lord show up and show out on all that you’ve been praying, fasting, and seeking Him about with hesitation or delay.

I want to talk to you about a lesson that the Lord has been teaching me about prayer and humility. In this walk in Christ Jesus, I tend to want to do things perfectly right. Can anyone else relate?

Though I’m aware that God has given us the grace to make mistakes and still be in alignment with His will for our lives, I still want to do my part and do it excellently. Now, this isn’t a bad aspiration but it can turn fruitless if left unchecked.

So what was my issue? How to pray. Not the words to say but the position to be in while praying. When I wake up in the morning, I pray on my knees but sometimes I would be sitting up in bed and pray as well. At meal time I’m sitting at the table praying, at other times I would pray standing up or with my face flat to the floor. I found myself wondering if some of those prayer positions weren’t humble enough or if my praying wrongly meant that some of those prayers didn’t reach God’s ears.

As silly as it sounds, these musings and questions consumed me to the point where I became uncertain of how to physically pray. My need to be perfectly right had now become the source of my paralysis. After a few months of the shenanigans, I finally heard a response from the Lord regarding my issue. In hindsight I believe the Lord had responded to me a lot sooner but my no longer believing that my prayers were reaching His ears, affected how His words reached mine.

And so early one morning when I was having my quiet time with God, He said “It is about heart posture not prayer position.” And just like that, it was like fireworks were going off in my mind. Of course, it is about heart posture not prayer position! What is in my heart matters most regardless of how I pray!

With that revelation, the Holy Spirit then had me reflect on how I had been behaving over the past few months, in pursuit of this need to be perfectly right in my walk. It was plain to see that I lost track of where my heart was and needed God’s grace to bring me back again.

I want to encourage anyone who might be doing the most in their walk in Christ Jesus. You can’t be perfectly right. You can be good, excellent even, but it is God that keeps you right. Don’t be afraid to have errors or make mistakes. God’s grace is truly sufficient and He will always bring you back on course if ever you veer off.

Til’ next time, adieu.


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