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Power in Praise!

I wanted to talk to you about a season I’m in. It’s a season where I have to believe in that which I can not yet see. Manifest season.

It’s the one where you have lots of responsibilities and little resources but you’ve got a powerful word from the Lord saying that everything will be alright. It’s the season where people are making a lot of demands of your time, not to mention you have tons of deadlines, but the Holy Spirit gives you an inner knowing that all things are working together for your good. It’s the season where you are promised conclusions to vicious cycles that have been holding you back in different areas and you’re encouraged, but you have no idea how it’s going to happen.

Jesus never gives us the HOW, He just let’s us know what is and asks us to believe it is so. Not knowing the “how” can be very nerve racking. I’ve had instances where I’ve said “Jesus you said it was all going to work out but HOW? How am I supposed to do this?” Only to have the situation I was crying out to Jesus for, handled without my input, and with minimal participation from me.

Isn’t it funny how right when it’s time for the promise to come to pass, you’re no longer consumed by the thought of it? I wondered why this was always the case, and asked Jesus about it in my heart.

Later on, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Worry does not bring you into alignment with what I am doing with your life; praise does.” At first I didn’t understand. Then I remembered instances in the Bible where God displayed His power through our praise.

In the Old Testament when God told the Israelites that He had handed them victory over Jericho, they didn’t fight the battle in the manner they had previously. Instead, they had to lead a “praise charge” around the walls of Jericho, praising God as they walked circles around the perimeter. Until the release of a mighty yell on the seventh day, caused the walls of Jericho to finally come down. The power was in the praise.

In the New Testament when Apostle Paul and Silas were taken prisoner, they didn’t let the beatings, bruising, confinement stop them from praising Jesus. In fact, with chains still on them, Apostle Paul and Silas praised Jesus with such strength that it caused an earthquake! This caused their chains to come loose and for the doors of every prison cell to open. The power was in the praise.

Nothing says that you believe what you can not yet see more than praising God while you wait. The word of God says that He inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). Lift up a joyful noise and let God be at the center of it! Witness as God breaks chains and opens doors for you. He’s done it before!

Til’ next time, adieu.


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