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Run To Win!

Hi, my name is Victoria Iheanyichi Udebiuwa and my whole body is aching. My mind hurts from praying and reading the word but not yet seeing things come to pass. My mouth hurts from speaking the truths of God only to have unbelieving folk bite harder with their words. My shoulders hurt from forcing myself to walk tall when I’m really overwhelmed and burdened by the weight of my family’s expectations.

My stomach hurts because God said “yes” but He never told me when or how. My legs hurt from standing on the firm foundation that is Jesus Christ and feeling like I don’t have much to show for it. Now my knees are starting to buckle and it’s as though I’m about to crumble under the weight of the world, as I wait on God.

And yet despite the pain, despite the fatigue and heaviness, the word of God instructs us to run. Not only are we expected to run but since everyone else is running, we must run to win. [1 Corinthians 9:24NLT] Have you ever gotten to a place in your walk in Christ where you felt like you could hardly get yourself out of bed, let alone accomplish what was necessary to run your race? Has it ever gotten so bad that you questioned whether or not your confirmed promise from the Lord was indeed from the Lord? I certainly have.

So what do we do? We continue to believe. We continue to wait. In Isaiah 40:31NKJV it says “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” Though our whole bodies hurt and we’re experiencing pain in different areas, though our legs have become wobbly and threaten to collapse, we can trust that none of these things are powerful enough to take us out or bring us down.

We can trust that God will honor our wait by “renewing our strength.” We can trust that continuing to do the right thing and yielding to the Holy Spirit even when it gets hard, will allow us to “walk and not faint.” We can trust that continuing to abide in Christ no matter what anyone else around us says or thinks will cause our legs to “run and not be weary.”

I want to encourage anyone who has come to a place of “enough is enough.” It’s not enough. If you haven’t gotten to the reason for your wait, it’s not enough. If you haven’t seen God move on your behalf (whether big or small), it’s not enough. If the praises of the Lord do not flow freely from your mouth because of how good God has been to you when you are not deserving of His grace, it’s not enough. When it feels like enough is enough, add something more to your wait. Wait and praise. Wait and listen.

Til’ next time adieu!

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