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Views Don’t Determine Value

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about blogging, is seeing how my words reach more viewers and encourage more people. It fills my heart with joy to see the numbers move up each time. What I didn’t realize however, was how much value I attached to the number of viewers reading my work. Until my last entry.

My last entry, “Freedom Frees,” spoke about how freedom in Christ comes from the power of the Holy Spirit. Compared to my other blog posts, no one really read this one and I took it to heart. I started thinking, “maybe I’m not a good writer anymore and it was all just a fluke.”

After a few minutes of self-pity, the Holy Spirit prompted me to reread my last blog entry. I did and it was good! The Holy Spirit then said to me “views do not determine value. When something is of God, it’s always valuable.” Not only did this revelation speak to this situation but to other times when I did what God wanted me to do but the success didn’t match up the way I expected. A perfect example is with the first book I wrote.

The first book I ever wrote was a book that the Lord laid on my heart to write. When I was given this divine instruction, I didn’t know what my subject matter was going to be, but the Lord told me that the book was already in me and all I had to do was pick up the pen and write.

Prior to receiving this word from the Lord, I wasn’t a writer. I had been making my living as a personal trainer for 8 years and writing was something I struggled with until college. Needless to say I was skeptical about my writing abilities, but I trusted God not to lie. So I prayed, picked up the pen and paper, and wrote what ended up being the first 20 pages of my testimony of how I came to Christ. The Lord gave me a word and proved to me that the book was indeed inside of me.

Later down the line, I received prophetic words about becoming a New York Times Best Selling author, and not only did I believe them, but I assumed that things would pane out seamlessly. Long story short, that hasn’t been the case. My book hasn’t been doing the numbers that I thought it was supposed to and I began to doubt its value.

But as the Holy Spirit reminded me recently, God sets the value on things NOT man. So if God says it’s good, then you KNOW it's good. And if God gives you a word that something will come to pass, you know it will, no matter what it looks like.

When you recognize that your worth and value aren’t based on the worldly praise you receive, you’re free to create and share things with a much firmer foundation. Be encouraged!

Til’ next time adieu.


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