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Making a Difference One Bag at a Time with Secure the Bag

Our mission at PWEN is centered around improving the economic prospects of women globally. As part of our commitment, we provide entrepreneurship training through our NLEAD Academy, which equips women with the necessary skills and resources to start and grow their businesses. We also offer financial literacy education to help women make informed decisions about their finances. Additionally, we are excited to now host our monthly Secure the Bag Business Showcase, which spotlights successful women entrepreneurs and offers them valuable exposure and networking opportunities.

February Showcase Business

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Community Responders is an International Emergency Preparedness Training organization, offering a large variety of life saving courses for all levels of experience. Owned and operated by Shae Freeman, an Arizona Paramedic, our organization offers training for individuals and businesses throughout Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Puerto Penasco, Mexico.


Courses include basic CPR and First Aid, state mandated training such as Article 9 for caregivers, active shooter safety training; as well as advanced medical training for trauma response teams, nurses, EMS and Fire personnel, to FEMA level classes like Hospital Emergency Response and Terrorist Bombing awareness classes!


In addition to the services that Community Responders offers as a for-profit organization, our sister company is the Be A LifeSaver Foundation. This 501c3 Nonprofit charity provides FREE basic CPR/First Aid and other awareness classes for individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford certification (that may be necessary for job opportunities); or live in high crime, rural or primarily Hispanic and Black communities where statistics show that individuals are less likely to be saved in an emergency due to a lack of adequate training.


The motto for both organizations is simply to “Be A LifeSaver!” The more education made available to the public, the more lives that may potentially be saved. We are looking for Individual and Corporate sponsors for the Be A LifeSaver Foundation. Sponsorship levels starting at $250 will allow a minimum of 10 people to learn this very necessary lifesaving training with certification. Anyone who registers for a CPR/First Aid class with Community Responders ANYTIME throughout 2022 and mentions “PWEN" will receive a 20% discount.

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