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Your Donations Impact Lives

     Thank you for your decision to donate to the Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Network. Every dollar donated assists PWEN in our mission to achieve gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth.  
Did you know In Arizona, 18.0% of women live in poverty and Arizona has dropped to 43rd nationally for our share of women in poverty.  Since 2004 Arizona’s grade for women’s employment & earnings dropped from a C- to a D+.  32.7% of single mothers live in poverty.  Black, Hispanic, and Native American women average a salary of $32,379 compared to the average salary of white and Asian women of $43,257, which is a $10,878 difference. We need to close the gap between the races of women and then close the gap between men and women. Percent of women with a bachelor’s degree or Higher PWEN’s Collegiate Scholarship program’s mission is to increase the number of women 18-27 in attaining a bachelor’s degree or higher, which based on statistics will reduce the percentage of poverty. **Status of Women Data March 2018
     PWEN is committed to doing our part to change these statistics through education, personal and professional development, job training, entrepreneurial training, and self-employment opportunities.  What makes PWEN different? We don't think of PWEN as being different, PWEN has our finger on the pulse of the women who need us the most, that is what gives us our unique edge. Your donations are changing the lives of women, one woman at a time.

**Tax ID# 46-3707674

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