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PWEN's Programs

Entrepreneur Training, Coaching, & Mentoring

Entrepreneurship Development

The Entrepreneurship Development Program consists of minority participants exploring entrepreneurship as a career path choice, aggressively completing their business plan, or have an existing business needing assistance to advance. The objectives of the program are to:

1. To motivate the entrepreneurial instinct.
2.The ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities that exist, those that represent untapped markets and underserved markets, and those that can be created by applying existing technologies to new fields and new markets.
3. Develop a funding strategy using what you learn about different types of funding sources and learn how to develop a complete set of financial projections for your business. 
4. To develop various business related skills of marketing, leadership, team building, quality management, networking, presentation skills, meeting/event planning, minority certifications, and human resource management etc.
5. Collaborate with other entrepreneurs with similar interests that may lead to partnering opportunities and or new ways of doing business.
6.Participate in on-going mentoring/support in starting and running your business.

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Carrie J. Gray Scholarship & Award Program

Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world.

PWEN believes education is vital to the future of our world. We see everyday in low income households where higher education is not easily achieved. It is easy for our low income students to get into college but then the expenses pile up and our future leaders find themselves dropping out at alarming rates. The Carrie J. Gray program provides financial support coupled with mentoring to help young ladies complete their collegiate journey.

Personal and Professional Development Events

Provides opportunities for growth and building of relationships to achieve next level success.

PWEN has a robust event based program providing varying degrees of personal and professional development trainings. Some of our workshops include: The Five B's of Next Level Success, Residue, Who Knew, Discovering and Understanding Your Purpose, Identifying Your Self-Defeating Behaviours. We look forward to expanding our development event calendar for 2018 and move from quarterly to monthly.

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Career Training in Travel & Tourism

Create your own economy with a home-based business

PWEN is excited to offer career training to women and men who are looking for employment or for a career change. We have access to Travel University and can help our participants start a full service travel agency.

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