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Carrie J. Gray Scholarship & Awards 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bachelor's degree holders are twice as likely to be employed than those with only a high school diploma. They also earn more money, taking in median weekly earnings of $1,305 in 2020, compared to $781 for diploma earners.

The Carrie J. Scholarship Program assists underserved women ages 18-27 in achieving higher education, which will allow them to fully engage and be competitive in the economy and reducing the gender pay gap.

We do this by providing mentoring, training, and financial assistance to underserved young women graduating high school and attending college. PWEN partners with our scholarship recipients for their entire four-year collegiate journey.

We are always looking for volunteers and mentors, if you are interested please complete the contact form and submit.

carrie j gray 2020.png
Graduates Holding Diplomas

Who is Carrie J. Gray? How did the scholarship program start?

Join Carrie's family as they introduce you to their mother and why this is an important cause.

Click the video link below.

Graduates Holding Diplomas


We have awarded $98,250 in Scholarships, Awards, & Entrepreneurial Assistance

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