PWEN Tulsa

Jennifer Brown, Managing Empowerment Director


Tulsa Launch

PWEN Affirmations of Belief

I AM a woman, a WOMAN fearfully, and wonderfully created.

I AM a woman of EXTRAORDINARY resources AND capacity to unconditionally support my fellow Sisters.

I AM a woman who BELIEVES in restoration and new beginnings.

I AM a woman who faces adversity as a WARRIOR standing on the firm foundation of my faith.

I AM a woman with a HEART of Servanthood.

I AM a woman who EMBRACES my flaws, CELEBRATES my value, worth, and ABILITY to shine bright.

I AM an ASTUTE business woman CREATING my own economy, IMPACTING my community, the GLOBAL stage, and establishing my LEGACY of great success.

I AM the NURTURING woman of the past, the COURAGEOUS woman of the right now, the FORWARD THINKING woman of the future.

                                                          ------I AM A PHENOM

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