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Thank You

I was thinking about my mom and The Gathering Place and how my love for it has only deepened since my mother’s passing. For those of you who don’t know, The Gathering Place is a gorgeous park filled with life size castles for children as well of tons of activities for the whole family. It was built for and financed by the community, and outside of food, beverage, and the occasional event, everything is free.

The reason I was thinking about my mom and The Gathering Place was because of how they allowed me to honor her there. On Jan 17th 2021 after receiving word that my mother decided to be cremated and wanted to be planted in a garden, I called The Gathering Place to make a special request. “Can I spread my mother’s ashes there? It’s my favorite place in Tulsa and though she wanted to, my mother didn’t get a chance to see it before she passed.” The response? “Sure. Sunday morning is the best time to come and do it because there are less people and you can keep things more private.”

And with that ‘yes’ I was able to spread my mom’s ashes at The Gathering Place the following weekend. Since that time, I’ve gone to the Gathering Place on several occasions but recently, Jesus placed it upon my heart to go and say thank you. So I went to the Gathering Place to do just that. I didn’t know who the woman was when I approached the information desk, but I started to share my story with her. She listened, she absorbed, and she cried. By the end, she confirmed that she was the one that gave me her ‘yes’ to spread my mother’s ashes, and I was completely blown away by Jesus.

What are the odds that of all the information desk people, she would be the only one working at the time I came down! We cried, held hands, and shared. Being able to say thank you is truly a gift that we could never replace. It is a gift that never loses its shine.

I now turn my attention to you, the reader, and say thank you. From the depths of my heart thank you for supporting my work as a writer. Each month I get to share with y’all what the Holy Spirit has laid in my heart to speak about, and each month you read it and share with me how my words blessed you.

My inner child jumps for joy every time this happens because I remember what it felt like to believe that writing was for everyone but me. But to encounter Jesus in a real way and have my whole world and life perspective shifted, allows me to turn the tables on the lie that told me I couldn’t write. I’m truly grateful. As long as the Holy Spirit gives me a word, I’ll keep on sharing it. May God bless you. Til’ next time adieu.

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